Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding is once again an option for any home. Aluminum siding has many strengths, and today’s products are superior to the previous generation of aluminum siding. The new styles are very attractive and come in a nice array of colors. The color is a finish rather than a pigment that permeates the material. Industrial-grade acrylic paints are used that resist fading and scratching. Aluminum siding is virtually maintenance-free. It can be rinsed with the hose or washed with a mild soap and sponge to keep it looking great for many years.

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Quality Aluminum Products
Quality Aluminum Products manufactures their own line of aluminum siding and accessories in a wide range of standard and custom colors with a 40-year pro-rated warranty. Aluminum is your best choice for strength, safety, and style, as it is strong and fire-resistant and can be manufactured in many darker colors that are not available in vinyl.

Quality Edge
Qualilty Edge specializesd in aluminum exterior building products. With a wide spectrum of custom, designer colors to choose from and perfect matches to the industry’s most popular colors, you are sure to find exactly what you’re looking.

Drip Cap

Starter Strip

Utility Trim

Window and Door Casings

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