A properly installed drainage system is your home’s best defense against potentially serious water damage. By collecting rainwater and carrying it away from your home’s walls and foundation, the roof drainage system (gutters, downspouts, and related accessories like elbows, corner miters, flashing, and drip edge) minimizes soil erosion and foundation damage.

At Astro Building Products, we understand that home exteriors should not only be beautiful, they should be made of durable, low maintenance products that you can count on. A reliable gutter system will protect your home from the elements, and will ensure that your siding, trim, and foundation last for years. The gutter systems and gutter protection products we carry, give homeowners a solution that works the first time, every time. We also carry gutter protection products that give you peace of mind by strengthening your gutters and keeping debris out, allowing water to flow freely and the beauty of your home to be maintained.

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