Garage Doors

Beautiful, Functional, Efficient

Almost every house these days has some type of garage. An element often overlooked is the garage door itself. A garage door is more than basic, up and down functionality. Other factors including insulation, construction, and design all play an important role.

Some features you should consider include insulation, construction quality, and weather seals. Adding insulation to your garage door helps keep your garage  warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Vinyl weather stripping should run along the bottom of the door and along the edges to prevent water and/or snow from blowing into your garage space. Not all garage door manufacturers provide this weather sealing as a standard feature.

A quality steel door provides strength, but doesn’t have to be plain. Our garage doors come with an authentic woodgrain embossing on the outside to give the exterior a visual appeal.

Garage Door Openers

Astro Building Products carries garage door openers to make it a breeze to open your garage door regardless of weather. Battery backups, timed close, keyboard and energy efficient models are just a few of the features available to you.