Exterior Trim

Set your house apart with unique trim packages

Vinyl Trim, Gable Decorations & Post Wraps

Adding character to your home is something we all strive for. Utilizing maintenance free materials like vinyl, polyurethane, and composite materials removes the burden of maintenance from the equation.

Trim Packages

Vinyl siding trim packages are a utilitarian decorative product used to finish off corners and seams of your vinyl siding. Utilitarian doesn’t have to be vanilla. By selecting a unique style and accent color for your home, you can add a whole new dimension to the exterior.

Corbels & Gable Decorations

We usually pass by century old properties and marvel in the detail, especially the gables. Adding gable decorations to your home adds character and style. The curb appeal of your home is instantly upgraded with gable decorations.

Maintenance free gable decorations at Astro Building products allow you to capture the beauty of century old craftsmanship without the maintenance factor.

Post Wraps & Composite / Fiberglass Columns

Help protect the exposed timbers of your existing home with maintenance free post wraps. Post wraps not only enhance the look of the exterior of your home, but they also protect the critical structure from weather.

Planning a remodel or new construction? Purchase Composite columns or fiberglass columns and eliminate the organic complications of wood.

Cupolas & Weathervanes

Maintenance free weathervanes and cupolas are easy to install, and are designed to work with shingle or metal roofs. The weather-resistant high-density polyethylene is lightweight, impact resistant and will never rust, rot or decay. Add personal style with university themed weathervanes or choose from animals or recreational designs.

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